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Video Training Required for Concealed Carry

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Do you want to purchase concealed carry video? This article will discuss the requirements for concealed carry training, as well as its benefits and refund policies. To ensure you choose the right course, you should also consider your state's permit test requirements. Understanding the available training in your state is also important. In some states, like Oregon or Iowa, live fire training is not mandatory. This doesn't mean that concealed carry video can't be used to help you prepare and pass your permit test.

Video training required for concealed carry

You must meet certain basic requirements to receive concealed carry video training. You must be 18 years or older and not have any convictions for felony offenses. If you're under these requirements, the class can be taken at 19 years and you can wait until you turn 21 for your application to be submitted online. If you are an active duty member of the military, you can take the class at 18 and apply for your license at 21. You will need to fulfill certain requirements which may vary from one place to another.

This course combines video and live instruction. The first hour covers handgun safety and the cycle of operation. Learn the basics of good shooting. The second hour will teach you how to be aware of your surroundings and create a defense plan in case you are attacked by an intruder. There is a lunch break between 12 and noon. After lunch, the lecture portion of class begins.

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Concealed carry video training: Refund policy

You will receive your certificate via email in your My Account area after you have completed the concealed carry video course. You can then print the certificate or save it for future use. If you choose to receive the certificate via email, you should check your spam folder or mark the email as not spam if you are unable to access it. If you are unable to receive the certificate after receiving it, you will be required to reschedule the course.

Concealed carry Ed (r), disclaims all liability in respect of personal injury, property damage and any other damages you may incur as a result your use the video training. Any personal injury, property damage, or expense you incur as a result of your purchase are not our responsibility. This applies to any share information that you give Concealed Carry Education. If you are unhappy with the training, contact the company for a return authorization.

Benefits of conceal carry video training

Concealed carry video training has many benefits. You can complete it at your own pace. It is more convenient than taking a class in person and can be viewed whenever you like. While concealed carry courses can be taken in person, there are many online options. No matter how you decide to learn concealed carry, it is important that you find the program that suits your learning style and your schedule.

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Another benefit is that the videos will teach you how to prevent common mistakes that can lead to a violent attack. Uncontrollable wetting is a dangerous side effect if you are in a life-threatening position. Many people make errors when concealing weapons, and they aren't prepared for violent encounters. This problem can be avoided by investing in concealed carrying video training.

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What should you buy first when prepping

Make sure you bring enough water for everyone on your trip. These are vital!

Make sure you have enough sunscreen lotion. It doesn't matter if you're going to the beach or hiking; you'll need it!

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What supplies for medical use should I keep in stock?

If you're going to be in an emergency situation and have to take over medicine, make sure you have enough for at most three months. You can stock up on all kinds medicines including cold medications and pain relievers. Also, consider storing food because you won't be able to make fresh meals as often if you don’t have the time or resources to do so.

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Next, decide how long do you want to be independent. What length of time will you be able fend for your self?

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Keep in mind that not every item on this checklist needs to be purchased. However, it is important that you at least get started.


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Can I store ammunition?

Yes! Ammunition is something that you'll definitely want to have on hand. There are many reasons you might want to keep ammunition on hand:

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  3. Ammo makes you less susceptible to being attacked. If someone attempts breaking into your home they will most likely try to fire their gun. You have a better chance to defend yourself if there is plenty of ammo.
  4. Hunting requires ammo. Hunting season is approaching, so make sure to stock up on ammo.
  5. When practicing shooting, ammo can be very useful. Many shooting ranges sell ammo per box. You can save money by purchasing just a few boxes.
  6. For target practice, ammo can be useful. Target practice is great for increasing accuracy. It gives you an excuse to get outside.
  7. It is essential for survival situations that ammo can be used. Ammo is useful for survival situations.
  8. For self-defense, ammo can be useful. While you don't need to rely solely upon a weapon to protect yourself from harm, having a backup plan can be very helpful.
  9. Protecting animals is possible with ammo. Many people love keeping pets. You can also use ammo to scare wild animals away if your pet is a danger to themselves.
  10. It is very useful in pest control. Pests such a cockroaches, mice, and other rodents can cause property damage. But, if you have ammo, you'll be able to kill them quickly and easily.
  11. Hunting pests is possible with ammo. You should always have ammo on hand if you live in an area where pests are likely to congregate.
  12. Fishing requires ammo. Many people love fishing. Fishing in the backyard is a popular hobby. Make sure you have plenty of ammunition.
  13. Ammo is useful for camping. Camping is a popular pastime among outdoor enthusiasts. And, if you camp in a remote area, you'll want to keep a supply of ammo nearby.
  14. Ammo is useful for gardening. Gardening requires lots of time outside. To keep unwanted intruders away, make sure you have plenty of ammunition.


Video Training Required for Concealed Carry